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Are Stereotypes of Arab Women Harmful?

As we all know, prejudices are preconceived notions that restrict individuals and place them in jobs that are not suited to their capabilities. whether they are about sex, presence, or culture, they are risky and basic. They may harm the people they target, particularly if they are unintentionally spread through popular culture and the advertising.

Many in the West, for instance, think that Egyptian women has reside under a severe program where they are prohibited from working, having opinions, or even going outside their homes. This opinion is based on prejudice and ignorance, and it needs to end!

Additionally, there is a common perception that Egyptian men are harsh extremists or petrol sheiks who have harems of younger women. This photo has been promoted in children’s movies and tv pictures. Spencer Gift Shops also sold Halloween veils with bizarre bodily characteristics of Egyptian men and boys!

Fear and panic predominated interpersonal press during the coronavirus crisis. As a result, jokes became a hot commodity. We analyzed 1424 gags posted on Facebook and whatsapp during this time, and we grouped them according to their designs. 508 of them were largely damaging and focused on sex. We discovered that the majority of the jokes were rooted in myths about Egyptian women and that they frequently inadvertent but still damaging to women’s dignity

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